October 19, 2018 in Book 4: An Outstretched Hand
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Page 27 (Book 4)

Page 27 (Book 4)
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NiaNook 19th October 2018 edit delete
Those guys don't have a change of pants, do they? Oh no. >_>

So I've spent the past week tinkering with previous pages; primarily in Book 2. There's some minor dialogue edits, but most notably, I added an entire new page near the end of the chapter. (linked to page 29 'cause that seems like a good place to start if you to read to that new page organically)

For one, I really disliked how abruptly Book 2 ended and always felt like it was missing something there.

The other reason is... I went this long without realizing I totally forget to introduce a small detail about Tatsuma's character! Jeez, self.

You guys are probably aware this is a reboot of a comic I did a looong time ago. Because of that, you may notice some aspects of the story don't make the most sense XD (young teens, yo) And while rebooting it, I'm trying my very best to keep as many elements from the old one consistent, while trying to "fix up" weird plot-holes and junk. Sometimes, I think this goes pretty well! Other times, I feel like parts are less effective than my old comic. And some plot holes never go away!

One ~Fun Fact~ from the old comic, is Tatsuma used to actually be a villain... sort of. A reformed villain that Sikue kept in-line, but this was only mentioned then never brought up again, nor did it make any sense for their backstories. The purple fiendish flower used to claim to be evil and relished in doing mischievous things, while being in total denial that she had any good in her. Sikue knew Tatsuma was good, deep down, but kept that knowledge to herself with a sly smile, knowing Tatsuma would throw a fit if this was pointed out.
After years of story progression, Tatsuma no longer considered herself "evil", but the remnants remained. She strives to be tough-as-nails, and make it VERY CLEAR she wasn't any Mister-Nice-Guy. This keeps the others at a distance, you see. She has her reasons. You can probably figure why. :)

The realization suddenly hits me, while at work, that I never included any scene addressing that! lol

I'm also going to be going through Book 1 over the next couple weeks and shrinking those obnoxiously huge watermarks. Yippee! :'D I was feeling very paranoid when I first started posting this comic, since I was initially going to post it on Tumblr, haha.
Aug, typed WAY too much @_@
Thank you all so much for any feedback and just for reading my dorky little story. Have a good one, folks!

Oh, and I should mention, Alicia drew a nice fanart of Yokiro a few weeks back! (Thank you!) And ClickMe drew an comic of Mae and Ginari. (Another thank you! It still makes me laugh!) If you wanted to see those in the fanart section :)
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TenguHarley 19th October 2018 edit delete reply
The stomach says back off or I eat you reeeee >:U

and oh man I can most definitely feel you there with your situation. I'm actually doing a lot of tweaking for chapter 1-3 at most with tones, some dialogue fixes and definitely... some panel fixes 3v3 chapter 1 will be a definite headache since my dumb butt decided it's cool to do each panel seperately so heck ton of layers to filter through, lots to remove and etc. Good thing I kept the files! In honesty it most likely flew over my head for some important things that haven't been mentioned or things that seem out of place in your view :> I really like the story so far and I'll continue to read it cuz it's so good and it gives me old school anime vibes.
NiaNook 19th October 2018 edit delete reply
Wow, digests food AND has a self-defense function!

Ahh, all those layers x_x And editing dialogue, you have to make sure every little thing you change doesn't mess something else up somewhere else! Whew, good luck with that!
Aw, thanks, that's really nice! And old-school anime doesn't surprise me, but still interesting to hear, haha XD
MST3KFan 19th October 2018 edit delete reply
Tatsuma is not to be trifled with little boy.

Fortunately hunger wins out for the humans to have a break from things.

It also seems Sikue has her eye on things. X3
NiaNook 19th October 2018 edit delete reply
Yay for...hunger? XD

Yeah, Sikue's a little distracted (Uhuhuhu)
Alicia 19th October 2018 edit delete reply
See? You can get the food without stealing things! ^_^ *Watches as they catch an old boot.* ......... >___>;

Yay! You posted the thing! \o/ And I wouldn't worry so much over writing and rewriting-- your story so far has been amaze balls!
NiaNook 20th October 2018 edit delete reply
Lol "Don't worry, my grand-pappy taught me a good recipe for old-boot-stew!" It's uh... not very edible

Yes! It has actually been up for a while, but I've been feeling shy about announcing fanarts, so it took way too long for me to bring myself to mention them ;w; Thanks, again, it's so lovely. And I'm glad you're enjoying the story
Yokiro is such a bro. :D (I guess he did use to be a fisherman, didn't he?)

It's pretty interesting that Tatsuma could have been a more villainous character. She's definitely sly and tough, but she genuinely cares about Sikue (and even Yokiro I think).

Those are a lot of changes! But yeah, I'm glad to have found this comic. Seeing these characters go on adventures and get to know each other and stuff is really cool. (You're welcome! It was a fun comic to draw :3)
NiaNook 21st October 2018 edit delete reply
Yup! Turns out he learned something useful.

Tatsuma acted pretty much the same, but while wearing this "Yeah, I'm totally evil" label ( MAYBE went a little bit more out of her way to inflict shenanigans on others, but hey)
Ahh your comments are always so nice and very thoughtful. You have so many notes to share, haha! Thank you so much c:
Kelsey -Nutty- P. 22nd October 2018 edit delete reply
Kelsey -Nutty- P.
"Did you just growl at me" omgggggg cute lol
NiaNook 22nd October 2018 edit delete reply
Humans can growl... with their mouths closed!!