October 24, 2017 in Book 1
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Page 17
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NiaNook 24th October 2017 edit delete
I'm trying to keep up a schedule of updating twice a week for now...
but this system sure makes the talking feel so drawn out! It may come off a bit boring, but I'm anxious and excited to share the pages to come!

Personally, I like letting updates build up before reading, since story-based comics are more satisfying that way. That's just a recommendation, anyway. :)
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Sovember 24th October 2017 edit delete reply
haha "hair color" this guy is asking the questions all people in anime world's should be asking xD
NiaNook 24th October 2017 edit delete reply

This setting is supposed to be more rooted in the "real world" (or some made-up offshoot of one) so this anime-hair thing ain't gonna fly.
CiciEnixa 24th October 2017 edit delete reply
Yokiro man, don't confuse roleplay with cosplay, that's gonna go down some odd directions XD Glad to see he's a good dude, though, in spite of finding two strangers in his home. He has an interesting sash thing, wonder what that is.
NiaNook 24th October 2017 edit delete reply
Good dude indeed. Especially considering one was immediately picking fights with him. But now he knows to always lock his door.
The sash is just some uniform symbol, like how some businesses would have employees all wear a certain color, or have shiny badges if you're in a higher position! I realize this never actually was addressed in-universe, so I don't think it spoils anything to say so. :)