October 31, 2017 in Book 1
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NiaNook 31st October 2017 edit delete
I really need to work on my spacial awareness. You'll see throughout the comic, things will be only a few feet away, then one panel later they'd be several yards. x.x Ahaha...

Happy Halloween :D
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Sovember 31st October 2017 edit delete reply
oh dang! obviously not beating that thing in a fight, wonder what's gonna go down
CaliginousCantrip 26th December 2017 edit delete reply
I really hope you got the "dragon" home insurance there, buddy.
ShaRose49 1st August 2018 edit delete reply
Oh it’s beautiful! (The dragon)
NiaNook 2nd August 2018 edit delete reply
Haha, glad you think so :D
slimeex7 4th March 2021 edit delete reply
the dragon looks like it’s from How to train your Dragon LMAO