January 1, 2018 in Book 2: Benta
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Page 1 (Book 2)
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NiaNook 1st January 2018 edit delete
Ah yes, only the most thought-provoking and sophisticated openings for my high~quality graphic novel. *sips expensive wine*

Happy New Year!
Seriously, I have almost 40 buffer pages and about 10 more with lineart done, ready to be scanned and toned. o_o; I managed to draw 5 pages in a week (since the busyness that comes with Christmas was finally out of the way) and thought about how many months it's going to be before I can even share my new pages that I'm feeling oh-so-excited to get to.
That being said, it's not going to be too uncommon for me to upload an extra page per week every now and then to speed things up. I shouldn't get TOO post-crazy, in case life slows me down too much, but dangit, I'm so eager to move this train forward! You likely know the feeling!
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Dera Nuel 1st January 2018 edit delete reply
Dera Nuel
Ya. I do. And I jst want to keep reading.
NiaNook 2nd January 2018 edit delete reply
Glad to hear it :)
snuffysam 1st January 2018 edit delete reply
If you have that many buffer pages, I think you can get away with posting one extra each week, ha ha.
NiaNook 2nd January 2018 edit delete reply
Wow, yeah, it'd still last until march!
Sovember 1st January 2018 edit delete reply
"Ah yes only the most thought provoking opening..." Yes I see it..The poke obviously symbolizes Tatsuma waking Don Quixote from his delusions, as they prepare for a very real quest. LOL.

oh dang 40? I agree with Sam xD
NiaNook 2nd January 2018 edit delete reply
Don Quioxte waking up is also a symbolism for human suffering; how we all, one day, lose our wide-eyed innocence and fall into the mundane and pessimistic existence; total oblivion. Super deep face poking, yo.

Oh yes. I'd already had the first 2 chapters done when I started posting in ComicFury. Took a long break and still so much buffers! ^^;