Every piece of fanart is cherished and I am so incredably thankful to everyone who took the time to create these! You're all too sweet!
Feel free to follow the links in their names to check out some of their other works.


A lovely Sikue drawn by ReroOnyx


A smiling Tatsuma, drawn by Karinite


Sikue in all her shiny, long haired glory, created by Eve. Z


An awesome drawing of Tatsuma and Sikue, by MST3KFan


(On request)

Ginari, from a silly request-thread by the talented WanderingJew

May not technically be fanart, but still too hilarious and charming not to include!


A very relaxed, lovely Sikue by Harajuku Smittle


A breathtaking view with Sikue and Tatsuma, drawn for an art trade with Alicia


"Tatsuma fencing a bee. Canon" 
                                        -Hykez87 (the artist)


A Tatsuma who looks ready to do some butt-kicking! By Sovember


A fierce Tatsuma by Dera Nuel


Tatsuma inspects her new toothbrush

A Tatsuma who is not sure how to use a toothbrush, by CiciEnixa