Every piece of fanart is cherished and I am so incredably thankful to everyone who took the time to create these! You're all too sweet!
Feel free to follow the links in their names to check out some of their other works.


Sikue is seen smiling while looking to be rising in motion. She is surrounded by a stylistic pattern of flowers and stems, wrapping around her arm and waist.

A lovely Sikue drawn by ReroOnyx


Tatsuma gazes up at the viewer.

A smiling Tatsuma, drawn by Karinite


Before a faded landscape of trees, sky, and glowing light, Sikue stands in the center of the image with a beautiful sweet face and long hair bellowing behind her.

Sikue in all her shiny, long haired glory, created by Eve. Z


A large matte-color sort of image of Tatsuma and Sikue walking in the woods. Tatsuma's lip is upturned, her eyes gazing up. Sikue stares towards the viewer, hiding behind her friend.

An awesome drawing of Tatsuma and Sikue, by MST3KFan


A comical black and white drawing of Ginari darting across the image holding two dragon eggs. "DRAGUMS" is written across the screen and she has stars in her eyes.

(On request)

Ginari, from a silly request-thread by the talented Shekets

May not technically be fanart, but still too hilarious and charming not to include!


A very stylistic drawing of Sikue, large bow, hair laid out behind her and leaning back as she grins about something. The background is filled with hearts.

A very relaxed, lovely Sikue by Harajuku Smittle


A very colorful sunset landscape drawing where Sikue and Tatsuma sit in a grassy field. Sikue gazes at the sky while Tatsuma smiles towards the viewer.

A breathtaking view with Sikue and Tatsuma, drawn for an art trade with Alicia


A black and white drawing shows Tatsuma holding a stick while posing for battle. Her opponent is a bee.

"Tatsuma fencing a bee. Canon" 
                                        -Hykez87 (the artist)


A feminine Tatsuma with a cocky smile, holds out her hand with a glowing light appearing from it. There is a purple flower pattern behind her.

A Tatsuma who looks ready to do some butt-kicking! By Sovember


Tatsuma stands in front of a white and red background, staring at the viewer with an intense look in her eyes.

A fierce Tatsuma by Dera Nuel


Tatsuma sits in a tree, inspecting her new toothbrush

A Tatsuma who is not sure how to use a toothbrush, by CiciEnixa


Drawn in a smaller, cuter style, Tatsuma, Sikue and Yokiro stand in the rain with a dirt path and rows of trees behind them. They all look content, Yokiro looking at the other two and Tatsuma staring at a map in her hands, titled "Map of Jaddo"

"Tatsuma and Sikue are plants, so they like the rain, and Yokiro's disposition is so sunny that it doesn't affect him." 
                                                                                                                                                         -ClickMe2WinFREE-iPod (Ad? No, this is the artist's username!)

A 5-panel comic of Ginari trying to get Mae to smile for the camera. Mae's smiles like a cat.
Mae attempts to smile for the camera (the cat-meme addition) by ClickMe2WinFREE-iPod


A pleasantly smiling portrait of Yokiro with a warm, yellow backdrop covered in vines

A Yokiro with a very warm smile by Alicia
Such a pretty surprise birthday gift!)


Sikue and Tatsuma, smiling with a lovely blue sky above them

A Sikue and Tatsuma with the sun beaming happily on them by dubiz senju

A bust of Sikue, with a festive read bow and furry white lining wrapped around her shoulders Tatsuma headshot; grinning and doning Christmassy fluff

Dear, precious, festive Sikue
& Tatsuma with a hint of spice
These were drawn 2 years apart but they belong together!
       Lovely presents by MST3KFan

Tatsuma stands confidently in front of a black background. She has a yellow bag hanging over her shoulder.

A subtley stylishTatsuma who's got somewhere to be! by Princess Lom

A chibi Sikue and Tatsuma, back to back. Tatsuma holds up an ACTION FIST. Sikue hides her HANDS OF AWKWARDNESS

An adorable flowery duo by Keltyzoid!

A fun crossover by ShaRose49
Kat (From the comic Sunstrike and Bluemist) and Sikue are both familiar with creating force-fields, but their techniques are a liiittle different

Pixel Sprites of Sikue and Tatsuma
Sikue and Tatsuma sprites (complete with pinchable pixel cheeks) by Japster

Sikue and Tatsuma in cartoonish style with while background
Tatsuma and Sikue bearing... wait, what are you two grinning about anyway? by Jeremy7

"I gave Yokiro a cookie, he deserved it."
                        -Zero Hour

"(Tatsuma) doesn't quite 'get' education" A school AU by Snuffysam!

Sikue taking it east in a field, delicately wielding a flowery crown
Sikue has made a lovely flowery necklace (they won't mind being picked, she swears!) by JammyTheBirb